A Network for Neet Mobility

The NET-NEET project is financed under the Erasmus+ KA2 programme; it involves 6 European countries, (France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany and Denmark) and 15 organisations working in the business, training, inclusion and youth networks.

Our goal is to promote mobility projects aimed at neet young people with low level educational qualifications, in order to enhance and enrich their key competences and life skills in areas and sectors linked to local development, especially in small and medium enterprises.


Specifically, we want to:

  • Find a model or best practices in order to facilitate mobility programmes for young people with low-level experience and basic skills

  • Develop a network/a set of hosting institutions in an area that can give to the NEET a new working and inclusive social experience; thanks to the mobility experience the NEETs would be able not only to increase their professional skills but also to strengthen their life skills and activate a sequence of positive behaviors

Our target group has educational disadvantages caused by hard personal, social, cultural or economic circumstances. They are young NEETs or young people with low level skills, they cannot speak any foreign language, they have little social and civic competences, little enterprising spirit or cultural knowledge; the target needs therefore non-traditional support and learning tools.

 As mentioned above, it follows that mobility programmes and internships addressed to this group need to go beyond the improvement of technical abilities; the working experiences for this young people should foster their life skills, teach them how to adapt to different situations and help them to effectively respond to demands and challenges of everyday life.

 In particular we want to focus on three areas, all fundamentals for work and social inclusion:


  • EMOTIONAL AREA - raise awareness on emotional management
  • COGNITIVEAREA - develop skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, critical-thinking, creativity
  • SOCIAL AREA - develop skills such as empathy, effective communication and  relationship-building

   In order to achieve these goals we want to create in each partner country, a network of entrepreneurial actors that can welcome the NEETs and provide training, education and inclusion in youth networks.

 We ask the involved actors to accompany us in the realization of the project by:


  1. Adhering to the platform which will be created for the project. Companies will be able to introduce themselves, insert videos, photos and comments about their own business; in the same way, young people will be able to describe themselves and talk about their mobility experience.


  1. Participating in the platform presentation events


  1. Helping us with the creation of a model of mobility and internship which can develop life skills and which is suitable for the group target described in the previous paragraphs.


An internship model will be summarized in a guide and it will be tested for a brief mobility period by 15 young people from the 6 partner countries.


For many of these young people a working experience combined with a journey to another country is a completely new concept. Therefore, the process is very important and delicate.

The thrill of being in a new place can be quickly replaced by fear and nostalgia of their home and their culture.

We need to train tutors capable of being a support for any linguistic, psychological and emotional problem or adaptation issues that participants may encounter.


Thanks to this project, to the creation of a network and of a well-structured mobility model, also these groups of young people will be able to increase their skills and competences and to reduce the educational gap with their peers; if left unfilled, that gap might have heavy consequences on the NEET’s social and professional life.